If you have any additional questions please visit our support page.

What features does ProOnGo Expense include?

Check out our feature list here.

What's new in the most recent release?

Check out our blog for details about all of the most recent updates.

How can I get ProOnGo to feed into QuickBooks?

What receipts can I use with ProOnGo?

ProOnGo can handle receipts of any size, just as long as the Merchant, Date and Total Amount is clear and visible in the picture. You can also email us the receipts you receive in your email inbox via your ProOnGo Dropbox email. Find your ProOnGo Dropbox email here.

How can I get ProOnGo to save expense information into the custom Excel Spreadsheet that I am required to use for my expense report?

Send us your custom spreadsheet here.

What currencies does ProOnGo Expense support?

For expenses that you file manually (not converted automatically using our service), ProOnGo Expense supports 91 unique currencies. For each currency, ProOnGo allows you to configure an exchange rate to your home currency, in which your expenses are stored.

Which phones is ProOnGo Expense compatible with?

ProOnGo Expense is available for iPhone, iPad 1, iPad 2, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Do I need a data plan to use ProOnGo?

If you plan to use the ProOnGo service to process receipt images, we recommend an unlimited data plan, but the important thing is that you select a data connectivity option, from your mobile operator, that you are comfortable with.

After I add a receipt image to an expense, how can I access that receipt image later?

The receipt image will be visible, and available for review right from the expense viewer window by selecting the ‘View Receipt’ button. You can also access your receipt images through the ProOnGo Web Portal. Login here.

How much storage space does ProOnGo Expense require?

We recommend at least 2MB of free storage space available, when installing ProOnGo Expense. However, the exact amount of storage required will depend on the number of expenses that you track.

I need a different format of expense report--can you add a custom format?

We are happy to design a custom expense report format for you. Please visit our support page for help.

When I start ProOnGo, I get an error message that says: Cannot find ProOnGo Expense (or one of its components). Why?

This message will appear if you are using a non-touchscreen phone, not yet supported by ProOnGo. Please visit our support page for help.