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Credit Card Transactions Automatically Added to ProOnGo

ProOnGo works with over 18,000 banking institutions to download your transactions.

Auto-Match with Receipts

If you have a credit card set up in ProOnGo, you can take pictures of your receipts and the receipt will automatically match with the proper credit card transaction. Just upload your receipt images to the Gallery in ProOnGo and the receipt will be matched with the transaction when the transaction is added to your expense list. To get started, sign in then go to Expenses Tab -> Out-of-Pocket -> Add New -> Credit Card Receipts, just Checkmark Auto-Match Gallery to Transactions.

Personal Credit Card Expenses

ProOnGo has the ability to securely integrate with over 18,000 banking institutions (list), credit/debit cards, brokerage and investment accounts in the US and Canada. To set up a credit card, just login to, browse to Settings->Credit Cards and select Add Card. These credit card expenses will then populate under Out of Pocket Expenses. To try out ProOnGo’s credit card integration, just create an account and you’ll receive your first 30 days for free!

QuickBooks Credit Card Expenses

ProOnGo Expense’s credit card integration with QuickBooks pulls credit card the transactions from the QuickBooks credit card register and delivers them to the employees’ ProOnGo account for categorization. Information added to the transaction will then automatically update the QuickBooks Credit Card register, with no approval steps required, guaranteeing that whenever you look at your credit card register or your ProOnGo expense list, you are always looking at the most up-to-date expense information.