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Your QuickBooks Customer : Job field just got smarter!

January 21st, 2013

If your small business does client-centered work (and who doesn’t), you are no doubt familiar with the QuickBooks Customer : Job field. Whether you are spending time with a client (time activity), driving to them for a meeting (mileage expense), or incurring a routine expense while working on a deliverable (regular expense)… well, whatever you are doing, you’ll want to make sure that Customer : Job field in QuickBooks is filled out correctly.

Customer : Job – Why does it matter?

Your CPA or ProAdvisor has probably already shared a variety of the reasons why this is crucial to get right in QuickBooks. Amongst the reasons, are these:

  • Job Costing: You can’t possibly get that right, if Customer : Job is ill maintained.
  • Capitalizing R&D: No chance you’ll be able to capitalize correctly, if you don’t keep track of what got worked on when, and by whom.
  • Invoicing: Your business likes to generate revenue, right? The QuickBooks Customer : Job field is the key to a detailed and complete invoice to your clients.

QuickBooks Customer : Job – Made Easier

So, with all of this talk about QuickBooks Customer : Job being very important to your company’s financials on multiple dimensions, why are we all still filling out our QuickBooks Customer : Job field manually? If it’s so important, isn’t there some automatic way to fill it out? Until today, the answer would have been ‘no’. However, we now have a better answer.

When you go to file a new expense in the ProOnGo web app (time, mileage, regular expenses), you’ll notice something new when you click on the Customer:Job drop-down. There will be a hover that appears just above the drop-down, that uses QuickBooks Customer:Job addresses to estimate the closest Customer:Job to your current location. You can simply tap “Choose” to use that Customer:Job:

QuickBooks: Easily finding your nearest QuickBooks Customer : Job
QuickBooks: Easily finding your nearest Customer:Job

In the future, we may even automatically select the nearest Customer:Job for you (rather than having the hover) — we’re waiting to hear your feedback first — then we’ll improve this feature further!

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