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Your Credit Card Expenses: Getting into a Customized Excel Spreadsheet

February 1st, 2013

In what formats does your bank or credit card company let you download your credit card expenses? .QIF? .CSV? .XLS? .IIF? Whatever formats they allow, one thing is certain: the download formats will be a failed attempt at a “one size fits all”. For example:

  • .IIF: There is no way that your bank knows the innards of your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, and thus the odds are slim-to-none that they can give you an .IIF that will actually succeed at importing into QuickBooks.
  • .QIF: Trying your luck at flat file integration with Quicken? Good luck! File import/export went out of style in the 90s.
  • .XLS / .XLSX: We’ll bet the format from your bank will be plain-and-simple — and that’s fine, but it doesn’t help much with filling out your complex, customized, company-specific .XLSX expense report template.

Whatever the format, your bank’s goal is to come as close to a “one size fits all” as possible, while your goal is to come as close as possible to something that looks like your company’s required report. Those two goals are at odds.

Fortunately, you have ProOnGo on your side. Here’s a two-step process to get your credit card expenses from your financial institution to your company-specific XLSX template

Step 1: Sync Your Credit Card Expenses to ProOnGo

Find your financial institution on our list of 18,630 supported financial institutions. Got it? Great. Then, go to create a free-trial 30 day ProOnGo Expense account, and during the setup process, authorize ProOnGo to sync credit card expenses from that institution.

Step 2: Set up your Custom Spreadsheet Format

Did you know that you can add just about any kind of XLSX report format to ProOnGo? We’re not talking about just having a library of pre-built XLSX templates to choose from. We’re saying that you literally upload your .XLSX format, answer a few questions about it, and suddenly it lands on your list of company-specific report formats just for your account. Try it out here.

Preparing Your Customized Excel Spreadsheet for your Credit Card Expenses
Getting Credit Card Expenses into Your Excel Spreadsheet

That’s About It…

You’ve now got your credit card expenses flowing into ProOnGo Expense, and now you’ve got an expense report format ready to export to. Give it a try, and of course, let us know your feedback!

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