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Xero Compatibility – A Step-By-Step Tour of ProOnGo

February 28th, 2013

Today we’re announcing Xero compatibility, and we’re proud to invite our customers using Xero to begin to sync expenses from ProOnGo to Xero, instantly via the cloud.

Most folks will probably find the setup steps intuitive. After all, we literally ask you if you want to sync with Xero when you register a new account. However, if you’d like a super detailed look at the steps for getting started, this post is for you!

Xero Compatibility: Step-by-Step

1. First, register a free trial account in ProOnGo.

2. As soon as you login, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions to determine whether you are a business or an individual expense user. The answer to this question helps us figure out what UI elements we should show vs hide (for example, if you are an individual, we unclutter by hiding the Employees tab).

Individual or Business
Individual or Business?

3. Next, you’ll be asked about your accounting system. Select Xero.

Xero Integration
Xero Integration

4. You will then be asked to login to with your Xero credentials and authorize a connection with ProOnGo.

Sign In to Xero
Sign In to Xero

5. Once you have authorized ProOnGo to connect with your Xero package, you can then begin recording expenses and syncing them with your Xero account. Simply add a new expense, Submit it and then Approve the expense.

Authorize ProOnGo
Authorize ProOnGo

6. Once you Approve an expense, a Yellow Bar will appear above your expense list. Click the Xero link and you’ll be taken to a page where you can review the expenses you’re about send to Xero.

Look for the Yellow Bar
Look for the Yellow Bar

7. Review your expenses, make any changes to the expenses, and select Reimburse All

Preview Your Expense Report
Preview Your Expense Report

8. Now your expenses are sent off to Xero!

Success! Sent Expenses to Xero!
Success: Sent Expenses to Xero!


We’re continually working on improving this integration so if you ever have any questions, comments, or requests, we’re happy to hear them! Ready to try it out? Set up a trial account to get started!

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