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Xero as the Destination for Your Receipts

February 28th, 2013

Your receipts need a permanent home.  Well, maybe not permanent, but probably for at least for 7 years, and maybe a little longer.  If you want us to be the home for those receipts, we’re more than happy to do that (that’s what most of our customers do).  However, those of you who use Xero have asked us to send receipt images alongside the expense claims so that they can “live” alongside the transactions in Xero.  And we think that’s a great idea!

Xero as your Receipt Image Destination

If you are on this blog in the first place, that probably means that you are using ProOnGo Expense to track your expenses.  As of today, know that you can flow both your expense transactions and your receipts through to Xero if you wish:

Xero as your Home for Receipt Images
Xero as your Home for Receipt Images

Anytime you separate the storage of receipt images from the storage of your expense information, you are inviting yourself to what could become a real mess of an audit sometime down the road — a manual process of gathering up your receipt images from one place and your expenses from another.  So, if you are using ProOnGo as a way to flow your expenses into Xero, we want to make sure that the receipts travel alongside the transactions. Then, regardless of whether you find yourself running an audit in ProOnGo, or in Xero, either way you’ve got the full transaction data including the receipt images at your fingertips.

Receipt Images in Xero – Tech Details

You might be wondering, what if you send, say, 10 expenses to Xero all at once — do the receipt images get combined somehow? The answer is that your Expense Claim in Xero will reflect the grand total of the expense reimbursement, but that you’ll be able to click on the Expense Claim to reveal the granular list of receipts and amounts. Just click on the paperclip icon in each line item, to see the corresponding receipt image.


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