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Troubleshooting Intuit Sync Manager

May 9th, 2012

Having problems with the Intuit Sync Manager? Maybe you’re getting an error message, or maybe it just isn’t working. Here are a couple things you should try:

Making Sure You’re Updated

In QuickBooks, go to Help > Update QuickBooks. Make sure ‘Automatic Update’ is ON.

Make sure Intuit Sync Manager has been updated

If you didn’t have that turned on, here’s how to update the sync manager manually:
Go back to Help > Update QuickBooks. Go to the Update Now tab and select ‘Get Updates.’ Updates will download, and then you’ll have to install them.

Before installing the updates, make sure you exit Intuit Sync manager.

Then, go into QuickBooks and open your company file. Go to Online Services > Manage Services and select ‘Start Sync Now.’

Resetting the Sync Manager

Go to Help > Manage Data Sync > Reset Intuit Sync Manager.

Try resetting Intuit Sync Manager

Note that this will clear out all of your sync manager settings, so you’ll have to re-sync with any apps you’re connected to.

Then, go through and set up the sync manager just like you did the first time.

Repairing the QuickBooks Program

Go to Computer > Uninstall or Change a Program and scroll down until you find QuickBooks. Select it and continue through the wizard until you get the option to either Repair or Uninstall. You should Repair.

To repair intuit sync manager, you might have to repair all of QuickBooks

Follow the wizard, then restart your computer.

While these steps can fix most problems with Intuit Sync manager, it may still behoove you to contact a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor or QuickBooks tech support.

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