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Record Expenses from Google Calendar Entries

December 6th, 2012

We just launched a brand new feature that allows you to create expenses from your Google calendar entries! We have implemented the ability to add time expenses from your calendar on the mobile applications over 1 year ago and transitioning this feature to the web has been heavily requested by our Google Apps users. So, without further ado, introducing the ability to add time expenses from your Google Calendar:

1. Add an Expense

Go to the expenses tab, and select the Time Expenses subtab. Select the ‘Add Expense’ button, then choose ‘Add via Google Calendar.’
Add Expense


2. Enter Google Credentials

If you haven’t connected your Google account with ProOnGo, a pop-up will open up to a screen so you can input your Google login credentials.

Enter Google Credentials


3. Allow ProOnGo Access

Google will then require you to allow ProOnGo access to your Google Calendar.

Allow Access

4. Add Calendar Entries

Once you’ve logged in and allowed ProOnGo access, Google and ProOnGo will remember your settings and the next time you select ‘Add via Google Calendar’ you’ll be able to check mark the Google Calendar entries you’d like to add as Time Expenses.

Add Calendar Entries

We hope you enjoy this feature. If you have any feedback (questions/comments/suggestions) feel free to shoot an email to Updated 12/14/2012: there is now a handy video illustrating our Google Calendar compatibility, and it shows you how to get the calendar entries from Google Calendar over to QuickBooks, if that’s what you want.

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