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QuickBooks Employee List – Easy Expense Reports for All

June 12th, 2013

Your QuickBooks Employee list is probably one of the most up-to-date aspects of your QuickBooks data. Why would we say that? Because you’ve almost certainly had to keep it up-to-date as part of your recurring payroll processes, or to keep your records straight about which employees billed time to which clients, or perhaps just to have a safe keeping spot for your records of employee addresses and other metadata. (if you don’t have any of those three needs, we’re surprised)

So, when it comes to setting up ProOnGo Expense for expense reporting, we make it very easy for you to rely on your QuickBooks Employee List when deciding who to invite to file expense reports.

QuickBooks Employee List – Using in ProOnGo

If you’ve done any setup in ProOnGo yet, you’ve probably discovered the Employees tab. That’s the place to invite employees to submit their expenses for your approval (and therefore for you to send to QuickBooks). But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to manually cross-reference your ProOnGo Employees Tab with your QuickBooks Employee List? We agree. So, we do it for you.

We fetch your QuickBooks Employee List and look at the email addresses therein. If there are any entries in your QuickBooks Employee List that you have not yet invited to file expenses, we show suggestions right below your employee table, making it easy for you to add the remaining employees to ProOnGo:

QuickBooks Employee List Appears in ProOnGo
QuickBooks Employee List Appears in ProOnGo

Bear in mind that because ProOnGo sends invitations via email address, we only make suggestions for employees for whom you have configured an email address in your QuickBooks Employee List. However, it’s increasingly likely that you are doing that by habit anyway.

Easy Invitations to Your Team

If you click on the little “+” button to the left of any of the suggestions, we show you our standard “invitation email”, which you can customize to your liking:

QuickBooks Employee List - Inviting Employees
QuickBooks Employee List – Inviting Employees

If you make any changes to the email invitation, we’ll hang on to your changes for the next time you invite an employee. So, feel free to customize it to say something that makes sense for your particular company or situation. One of the more popular customizations so far is to say something like the following (we’re paraphrasing of course)… “Hey, we’re going to try out ProOnGo – please click through and file a few expenses, and let me know what you think!”

A customized invitation is more likely to result in your employees taking action, because they’ll be able to tell that it’s a request from you, the boss. As opposed to being just “yet another automailer”.

File Away!

You’ll know you’ve successfully invited the employee, when you see them added to your employee list:

QuickBooks Employee List - File Away!
QuickBooks Employee List – File Away!

A pro tip is to keep an eye out for yellow triangles in your employee list. Those appear when a user had already created a pre-existing account by the time you invited them. In that situation, the employee gets a special automailer explaining the situation, and explaining that you want to merge them into the companywide account.

That’s It!

If you’ve read this far, you know we’re serious about our QuickBooks integration. We want to be 100% certain that the effort you put into maintaining your QuickBooks Employee List makes it easier for you to set up your expense reporting processes. We’re always open to suggestions if you think of anything more that we could be doing to make it even easier.

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