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QuickBooks Credit Card Charges – We do splits!

June 12th, 2013

In your QuickBooks credit card charges, you’ve no doubt seen that QuickBooks lets you do splits. Conceptually, splits are for granular cost allocation. Even if you don’t create *additional* splits, you still technically have a transaction that has a split (just one). The standard example of a credit card charge where splits matter most, is a charge for a hotel stay where there was a room fee, room service, and perhaps other distinct charges like dry cleaning.

It’s been interesting to see how the world of QuickBooks add-ons react to the fact that QuickBooks has splits. Accountants, to whom splits and thus cost allocation are intuitive, would be surprised to find some add-ons that ignore the concept of splits. Non-accountants, to whom splits are not necessarily intuitive, might be surprised or confused by splits — whether shown in QuickBooks itself or in a QuickBooks add-on.

So, what’s a 3rd party app like ProOnGo Expense to do?

Credit Card Charges – Balancing the Need for Splits

We’ve got a lot of power users who simply would not sleep as well at night if we didn’t expose splits in our UI somehow. However, we needed to do it in a very friendly way that also “works” for folks that generally want to ignore the underlying accounting reasons for splits.

So, what did we do? We created a UI, especially in our Corporate Card Expenses subtab, where splits are shown but there are subtle UI cues that make it clear which fields are to be edited in the parent (e.g. Vendor) vs splits (e.g., Customer:Job):

QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits
QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits

Try to hover over a child cell, for a field that is parent-only, and you won’t get the familiar “edit-in-place” hover. Instead, you’ll see an indicator that says “—see parent—”. Conversely, the same holds true for hovering over a parent row and moving your mouse over a cell that is only editable in the split (you’ll get “—see child—”).

QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits
QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits

Our belief is that this UI will strike the right balance of revealing/supporting splits, while letting non-accountants use the app without having to think too much about what a split is or why it matters.

QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits
QuickBooks Credit Card Charges with Splits

Adding Splits

When you want to add additional splits to a credit card charge, just open the charge in the expense editor by clicking on the mouse-pointer icon at the left edge of the expense list, and you’ll see a way to “Create” and “Remove” splits (more UI improvements coming on that soon, too).

QuickBooks Users, We’re Here For You

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s probably obvious that we care deeply about making sure that we provide you with an incredibly strong QuickBooks sync capability. So, keep pushing us — let us know what additional things we can do to make your QuickBooks expense reporting painless!

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