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Make Your Employees More Self Sufficient

June 25th, 2012

Recently I read a post on Intuit’s Small Business blog about test vacations. That is, the writer of the blog took a day off to see how his employees would respond to him not being around. Everything went great for him, but it got me thinking: how can we make our employees more self sufficient? Self sufficiency in employees isn’t just important for when the boss is away, either. If your employees can take care of more tasks, then that means you have more time to focus on more important things, like creating new business strategies, thinking up new ways to innovate, and catching up on this season of Jerseylicious.

With ProOnGo’s credit card sync feature, your employees can take control over their own credit card expenses, instead of relying on you or your bookkeeper to do the task.

Let’s talk about these credit card expenses: If you have Online Banking set up, your bank will push all the credit card transactions from your account straight to your QuickBooks. So, QuickBooks will be updated every time your employee uses his company card. Normally you or your bookkeeper would have to go through all of the expenses and assign Chart of Accounts, Customer:Jobs, Items, etc. That takes time, and if your bookkeeper doesn’t just know what the charges are and what they’re supposed to be linked to, he could get caught up waiting on the employee to tell them what’s what.  If you’re reading this and thinking back on all the times your bookkeeper has complained about late expense reports, I have a suggestion:

Let your employees categorize their own expenses.

Make your employees more self sufficient.

I already mentioned that by setting up Online Banking you allow your bank to automatically send credit card transactions to QuickBooks. When you sync ProOnGo with QuickBooks, those same transactions will be pushed by ProOnGo to your employee’s smart phones. So, when they categorize their expenses, make edits, and add memos, the change will be pushed back to QuickBooks. You no longer have to waste your or your accountant’s time categorizing expenses for your employees. By using ProOnGo, you’re making your employees more self sufficient and allowing them to handle their own credit card expenses.

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2 Responses to “Make Your Employees More Self Sufficient”

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