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International QuickBooks Users – we’ve got you covered

January 22nd, 2013

If you are an international QuickBooks user, you’ve probably already learned more than your fair share of tricks and tips for managing GST and/or VAT in QuickBooks, dealing with currency conversion, and more. You’ve probably shared intricate and valuable advice on the Intuit Community Forums. And, well, been a little patient when (occasionally) the help files seemed to reference some U.S.-specific feature.

This post is a cheers to you, our International QuickBooks & ProOnGo Expense users!

ProOnGo Expense for International QuickBooks Users

If you’ve been using ProOnGo Expense outside of the U.S., and have connected it to your QuickBooks Online company (or maybe your QuickBooks Pro company), we want to thank you for the journey we’ve been on together. See, you are always the first to let us know when some page in our web app fails to render your character encoding correctly. That’s geek-speak for saying that your accented characters like Ñ end up looking completely wrong, like perhaps �.

We’re happy to report to you that we’ve recently completed our most thorough testing ever, for the character encoding techniques that allow you to get your work done, with the characters you need, be they in a Customer:Job, Class, Item, or Account. Here’s one of the many test cases that we used during our effort to improve this aspect of our web app:

International QuickBooks users - we support special characters
International QuickBooks Users: We handle character encoding

See the Customer:Job shown in that screen? We’ll admit that “Lots of Accents é á í ó ú É ñ Ñ ü” probably isn’t a normal name for a Customer:Job, but that’s an example of the kind of test cases we used throughout our system to make sure that international QuickBooks users get a good experience when they add-on ProOnGo Expense to QuickBooks, for filing receipts, mileage, and time.

If you catch us with any screen in our web app that doesn’t handle international characters correctly, please let our support team know, and we’ll be pleased to correct it!


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