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Google Calendar Sync: Send Time Activities to QuickBooks

December 14th, 2012

The only thing worse than having to track your time, is to have to do it twice — once in Google Calendar as your day unfolds, and once in QuickBooks when you are preparing an invoice to the client. We’ll help. With our new Google Calendar sync, you can send Google Calendar events to QuickBooks Online, Pro, Enterprise, and Premier as Time Activities:

Send Your Google Calendar to QuickBooks
Video: Send Your Google Calendar to QuickBooks

The best way to try out this new feature is to follow along with the video (you’ll probably end up pressing ‘pause’ a few times, it moves a little quickly). If you don’t yet have a ProOnGo username, bring up a separate window here to create a free trial username, before you follow along with the video.

Why did we create this Google Calendar sync capability for QuickBooks?

Virtually everyone we know in the small business world uses their Google Calendar to manage their day-to-day activities. And, with 4.5M companies in the U.S. running QuickBooks, it seems to us that there are a lot of folks that use both.

Anyone that knows the history of ProOnGo knows how much we hate seeing users have to type anything — we think there should be a way to automate just about anything in your expenses, mileage, or time — we figure you’ve got customers that you should be out serving, and that we should handle the grunt work of figuring out how to gather your expenses and send them to their destination. So, naturally it pains us to think of all of those 4.5M QuickBooks users keeping their schedule up-to-date in Google Calendar, only to have to recreate that same information on an invoice later.

Tagging Google Calendar Events with Customer and Billable Info

Here are some of the things that you can put in the Description of a Google Calendar event, to cause it to flow through to QuickBooks and land in “just the right field”:


As you would expect, just replace the text “your_client” with the actual name of the Customer:Job. As you would also expect, you can either include the Billable tag if it’s billable, or leave that tag entirely absent if you don’t want the time activity to be billable. Why bother with the scenario of tracking time that isn’t billable? Some folks like to track time for reasons other than billing — like to know how much of their R&D can be capitalized, or simply to know how much time they are spending on a project that was bid on a flat fee basis.

Where do I put these tags in my Google Calendar event?

The tags need to be in the Description field in your Google Calendar event, but they can be anywhere in the description – before, after, or in the middle of the rest of your event description — it doesn’t matter. It’s only important that they are in the description “somewhere”. And, even if you forget, you can always edit the time activities in ProOnGo (or thereafter, in QuickBooks), if you need to.

We’ll add more tags in the future, so do send us your feedback when you give this new flow a try. So, give our Google Calendar sync a try, with QuickBooks at-the-ready, and let us know what you think!

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