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Expense Reports by Forwarding Your HTML Receipts

December 14th, 2012

We’ve blogged many times in the past about one of our more popular subscription benefits: the ability to forward HTML receipts and receipt attachments to our receipt reader service via email, at times when you don’t want to open the mobile app or sign into the web app. It’s an easy way to stay ahead for your upcoming expense reports, even if all you have is a moment.

Add Receipt Reader to your iPhone contact list

It’s convenient for that quick moment when all you want to do is add a receipt, and you don’t want to take the time to add a memo or category, run a full expense report, or do anything else really, but you do want to make sure that receipt image is safely tucked away in your ProOnGo account.

Anyway, we’ve made the process one small step easier, for those of you on iPhone or iPad. You can now tap on “Email-In a Receipt” to have a “Receipt Reader” contact added to your iOS device’s contact list:

Once you’ve got “Receipt Reader” as a contact in your iPhone or iPad contact list, there’s no excuse at all to hold off on sending us all of your receipts, even the craziest, most wrinkled, crinkled receipts that you dig out of your pocket or purse. We’re ready for them, and your expense reports will be loaded with all of your receipts, to keep your boss happy too!

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