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Expense Receipts – Top Vendors By Quarter

March 8th, 2013

Expense receipts are our business. We work day-in and day-out to make it incredibly easy for you to have an expense report generated based on your forwarded-in, mobile-captured, or desktop-scanned receipts. Over the years you’ve rewarded our focus on your expense receipts by staying loyal to our solution and steadily sending us more and more receipts. Thank you!

At some point the volume got high enough that we realized it might be intriguing to run some aggregate statistics that, in some small way, help to paint a picture of how small businesses are using their carefully managed expense accounts.

Top Expense Vendors By Quarter

In that spirit, here is your latest installment of top expense vendors by quarter. We realized just recently that we never published the year-end data at the end of Q4 2012, so this blog post is a “catch-up”, and we’ll promise to be more timely in getting the Q1 2013 numbers out when the quarter closes.

Expense Receipts – Observations for Q4

Lets start by emphasizing, as usual, that you should in no way treat our analysis as scientific. Our real business is your expense reports, and any aggregate data that we talk about here is “just for fun”. However, with that said — did you notice that in Q4, there was scarcely any difference in the vendors that appeared on the list, relative to the ones that appeared in the prior three quarters? Specifically, the only vendor that landed in the Q4 list that was not present anytime earlier in the year, was U.S. Airways. Welcome “aboard”!

Secondly, you might have caught the fact that Amazon, McDonalds, Shell, Starbucks, The Home Depot, and Wal-Mart all made the top-10 every quarter in 2012. Reiterating, that means that wholly 60% of the top 10 expense vendors in our sample set were in the top-10 every quarter for four quarters running. You sure love (or at least rely on) those particular merchants. (and of course, we love processing those expense receipts!)

What Else?

If you’ve got a need or interest in some additional highly aggregated and anonymized data about the small business expense reporting space, we’d be interested in talking. Or, if you are an economist and have an interest in working with us to develop more detailed or interesting analysis, we’d be interested in that, too!


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