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Expense Receipts: Gathering Images in Your Receipt Gallery

January 24th, 2013

Sometimes you’ve got a handful of scanned expense receipts that you just want to get into a safe keeping place — one less thing to worry about in a hard drive crash or “lost laptop” scenario. A couple years ago we came out with an emailed-in-receipts feature for precisely this reason: it provided a super convenient way to offload your receipt images to us, and simultaneously to get them turned into actionable expense details (merchant name, date, amount).

However, more recently we’ve had quite a few users that habitually use their personal credit card for out-of-pocket expense, with ProOnGo’s credit card subtab set up to sync transactions. So, what to do if you’ve got a pile of receipt images and you know the credit card transactions will arrive shortly? Easy: just drag them into the Receipt Gallery. That way, you’ll know that your receipt images are safe and sound to attach to your credit card transactions when they arrive.

Here are the basic steps for handling your expense receipts in this manner.

Adding Expense Receipts to the Gallery

In the ProOnGo web app, go to the Out of Pocket subtab and click Add Expense => Receipt Gallery:

Adding Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 1)
Adding Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 1)

Then, start doing drag-and-drop (as many times as you want), to drag your .PNGs, .JPGs, and .PDFs into the receipt gallery:

Adding Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 2)
Adding Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 2)

A relatively quick ‘status bar’ will appear while the upload is occurring (the speed of which depends mostly on your internet connection). Once the upload is complete, you’ll know that the receipt image is in the receipt gallery for future use.

Using Expense Receipts from the Gallery

So, what do you do if you want to take an image from the Receipt Gallery and use it as the image for an expense? Easy. Open the expense editor, and click on the Match from Gallery link:

Retrieving Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 1)
Retrieving Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 1)

Then, tap on the thumbnail of the receipt that you want to attach:

Retrieving Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 2)
Retrieving Expense Receipts to Gallery (Step 2)

That’s all you have to do to make use of a receipt image that you have stored in the Receipt Gallery.


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