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Credit Card Receipts – Finishing Your Expense Report

June 13th, 2013

Your credit card receipts should be one of the only parts of your expense report that you have to manually add. Your transactions should come from QuickBooks Online Banking sync’d into ProOnGo, or from ProOnGo fetching your transactions directly from your bank. Your categories should be pretty close to correct from the get-go if you’ve set up the mappings just right (and/or if QuickBooks is guessing your categories based on historic transactions).

So, lets see what we can do about making your credit card receipts the one and only small step between you and finishing off your expense report.

Credit Card Receipts: Let Us Match Them

Hopefully you are already using our “matching” feature to email in your receipts and have them auto-matched to your receipt images. If you are doing that, you’ve got transactions arriving from QuickBooks or your bank, and receipts arriving from your emails. Together, that means that there will be very little left for you to do manually – your expenses will basically be ready for submission.

What if Your Receipt Is Illegible, or the Date is Off

But what if you find yourself in a situation where a receipt didn’t match to it’s transaction? Usually this happens if the receipt is illegible or there is some large gap between the date on which the receipt was printed versus when the merchant actually ran the charge.

Both of these problems are shrinking by the day. Receipt legibility is less of an issue than ever before, because cameras on smartphones are getting so much better. Gaps between the date on which you make a purchase and the date that the merchant runs the charge, are getting less and less common, because merchants are getting more and more savvy about running their charges in realtime or close to it.

Still, it can happen, occasionally, that some receipt that you forwarded in does not “find” it’s matching transaction. If that happens to you, here is an incredibly easy way to do the match manually:

Step 1: Open the transaction that the receipt should belong to, and click on “Attach from Gallery”

Credit Card Receipts - Matching
Credit Card Receipts – Matching Manually

Step 2: Browse the Thumbnails and Find the Right Receipt. Click on the thumbnail that you think is the receipt you are looking for.

Credit Card Receipts - Matching
Credit Card Receipts – via Gallery

Step 3: Verify the full-res receipt image to make sure it’s the one you want, then press “Attach”

Credit Card Receipts - Verify
Credit Card Receipts – Verify

Step 4: Done! You’ve attached a receipt image from the gallery, to a particular transaction, manually.

Credit Card Receipts - Done
Credit Card Receipts – Matched!

Again, you should find it rare that you end up doing this process manually, but if you find yourself needing to do so – now you know how to do it.


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