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ProOnGo Joins Other Box Apps with Integration

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Have you moved beyond the days of piling up Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and PowerPoints on your laptop, PC, or Mac’s hard drive? Good! With terrific cloud-based storage and collaboration options like Box (and it’s associated Box apps), there is no reason to take the risk of storing all of those important documents yourself.

Ready to hook up ProOnGo Expense to your Box account, to have your expense reports land alongside your other documents? Well, today we have good news for you: we’ve launched compatibility with Box, immediately available for you to try!

Send Your Expense Reports to Box
Video: Send Your Expense Reports to Box

If you haven’t yet set up a Box account, we’ll sweeten the deal: grab a free 10GB account complementary from Box, just for trying out ProOnGo Expense with Box! We have no doubt that you’ll prefer keeping your files on box, to have instant access to all of your files (far beyond just expense reports), from any web browser or mobile device. Enjoy your new 10GB account from Box, and we look forward to helping you get started with Box apps, particularly ProOnGo Expense.

Why Use ProOnGo as Your Small Business Expense Software?

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Expense-tracking falls into the type of problem; you didn’t realize it was a problem until it became a problem. So, if you’re like most tech-savvy business owners, you’ll hit in your browser and look for some small business expense software. Unfortuantely – there isn’t a whole lot out there. Most expense solutions like Oracle and Concur are tailored to large corporations and can become too expensive and bulky for small businesses to run efficiently. Here’s why ProOnGo is the ideal small business expense software for your company:

  • Flexible and Mobile – No matter what device you have near you, be it your laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, you’re able to record your expenses, Approve/Deny your employees expenses, create expense reports and sync with your accounting system. You can download ProOnGo for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Receipt Images – Receipts fade and IRS has no sympathy for you. With ProOnGo, you can create digital copies of your receipts by taking pictures of them and using the ProOnGo Receipt Reader to automatically extract the merchant, date and total amount from your expenses.
  • Timesheets – If you employe contractors or your employees are constantly working on jobs for other clients, it’s important that they have an easy way to record their hours. ProOnGo has a really easy interface for recording your Timesheets and syncing them with QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Integration – ProOnGo features the best-in-class QuickBooks integration. You can label your expenses with the Category, Customer:Job, Payment Method, Items, Classes and choose whether or not the expense is billable, then sync your expenses to QuickBooks as a Write Check, Vendor Bill or update the credit card register.
  • The Best Prices - Most small business expense software is going to charge you an arm and a leg. ProOnGo offers a free 30 day trial and has prices as low as $2.90/user/month.
  • We’ve Got Your Back - We’ve had horrible experiences with other services’ customer service. That’s why we make sure you’re going to speak with a real-live human whenever you have a question.


Connecting Mileage Trips

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

In addition to regular expenses and time expenses, ProOnGo allows you to record mileage expenses. ProOnGo uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to record where your trip starts and where it ends, so there’s no data entry for you to worry about. You can record a round trip in one expense, and I’m going to show you how:

Step 1: Create the Expense!

When you create a new Mileage Expense, ProOnGo will automatically log your current location. If you don’t want to use GPS, press the cancel button, then change “Auto-detect With GPS” to “OFF.” Enter your ‘To’ Address.

When you scroll down while viewing the expense, you’ll see that you can assign categories pulled right from your QuickBooks company tile to the expense.

Enjoy your trip!

Step 2: Stops Along the Way

If you’re driving to another location that isn’t your home destination, you can add that to the expense too! Open the expense, then scroll all the way down to the bottom. Select “New Mileage Starting Here,” and enjoy the drive! When you get to your destination open the expense and tap the “to” field. Tap the arrow to make the GPS find your current location.

Go back or tap the ‘save’ button to save.

Step 3: Expense your return!

Select the expense with the location that corresponds to where you are returning home from. Then, scroll down and tap “New Return Trip.” Your To and From information will load. Hit ‘Save,’ and you’re done! You’ve just created a mileage expense!

Multi-tier Expense Approval : Your Employees Have Employees, and Their Managers Have Managers!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

ProOnGo has a work flow designed especially with businesses in mind. Employees submit expenses to managers, who approve or deny the expenses. We know that isn’t always the end of an expense’s journey, though. Sometimes the manager has to submit to the CFO, or another manager. Then that manager sends the expense off to their manager, and so on until the expense finally gets reimbursed.

ProOnGo lets you add as many levels of management as you want.

Here’s how to use it:

Start at the Employees Tab of the web portal.

Click the bright yellow “Add Employee” button, and enter in your employee’s information. They’ll be asked via email to confirm.

By now you may have noticed the ‘Add Admin’ button in the Employees tab and are tempted to click on it. I should let you know that there’s a difference between a Manager and an Admin. An Admin has the same rights and access as the creator of the account, most notably access to QuickBooks information, whereas a manager has the power to approve or deny the expenses of only their employees.

Once you’ve created the manager and they’ve accepted your invitation to get access to the account, they can add employees under them by going to the settings tab and clicking the “Add Employee” button. If the employee under them also has employees under them, the setup is the same.

Or, you can add sub-employees to a manager’s account for them, by clicking the “0 Employees” button next to a manager’s name. From that screen, click the ‘Add Employees’ button and add an employee as you normally would.

Multi Tier Expense Approval

Here’s a pro tip: If you go into the settings of an employee by clicking on the gear tab, you can set an “expense limit” for that employee. The amount you set is the amount up to which the employee doesn’t have to seek expense approval. Say you set the employee’s expense limit to $2500. He can approve his team’s expenses up to $2500 without getting further expense approval from you, his manager. Then you can send them straight to QuickBooks.

Now your managers have managers, and your employees have employees. Now go, start filing expenses!

Set Up QuickBooks Credit Cards with ProOnGo Expense

Monday, April 16th, 2012

We just launched a brand new feature for ProOnGo that finally completes our expense tracking picture; ProOnGo can now download transactions from your credit card registers in QuickBooks and then sync any changes made to the transactions back to the credit card register. This way users are able to attach an expense category, Customer:Job, whether the expense is Billable/NonBillable, assign a Class and Product/Service.

Not to mention the ability to create a spreadsheet that contains receipt images for every single one of your credit card transactions. Stop drooling.

Credit Card Transactions from QuickBooks Credit Card Register —> ProOnGo Expense list

When you first  establish a connection between your QuickBooks account and ProOnGo, ProOnGo will recognize all of the credit cards registered. A credit card can then be assigned to a specific user (you if you’re a sole proprietorship, or if you’re a small business, you can choose from the list of employees) and ProOnGo will automatically retrieve the credit card transactions and add them to the user’s expense list.

Sync Credit Cards between QuickBooks and ProOnGo

Sync Credit Cards between QuickBooks and ProOnGo

Once the expenses appear in the user’s expense list, the users can open up the individual transactions,  take a picture of the transaction’s receipt, and assign a Customer:Job, Class, Product/Service, and denote whether the item is Billable/NonBillable.

Easily Label Credit Card Transactions With the Info You Need

One of the best benefits of hooking up your credit card registers with ProOnGo is that your employees have an easy way of attaching the critical information you need to a credit card transaction. When the transaction is first imported into your credit card register, the only way you can determine what the charge was for, whether it was billable or not, etc. is to go straight to the source of the expense; the employee.

Now, if employees can label their credit card transactions with:

  • Expense Category
  • Customer:Job
  • Billable/NonBillable
  • Products/Services
  • Class

This way, the bookkeeper can login into QuickBooks and easily see the details of every credit card transaction without digging through papers and spreadsheets.

Attach Receipt Images to Credit Card Transactions: Prevent Fraud, Stun Auditors

Having receipt images corresponding to each one of your credit card transactions will do two things:

1) Prevent Fraud — Often times the credit card transaction will just list the vendor of the transaction, but not list what is purchased. With a receipt image you can often times see exactly what was purchased and at what price. This way you can see if your $1500 Home Depot transaction was really all just glue for the model airplane contest, or maybe there were a few extra items purchased as well.

2) Stop Audits in their Tracks — Auditors are like skydivers, or tornado chasers, or Ice Road Truckers — they crave chaos. If they are going to take the trouble of auditing you, you better have messed up or it won’t be any fun for them. Kill their fun. Email them an Excel document that contains a receipt image that corresponds with every credit card transaction you’ve made over the past three years.

Payee Names and Memo Fields: We fixed it

We love QuickBooks. We really do. It’s an awesome tool and it keeps getting better and better. But we noticed that oftentimes the Payee for credit card transactions is not pre-filled, and we think that’s absolutely essential for expense tracking scenarios.  We’ve added a setting to ProOnGo that takes the memos from your credit card register (like ‘DUNKIN DONUTS #45876 CHICAGO’) and uses them to update the Payee with a simplified, friendly vendor name like “Dunkin Donuts”.  Some users may determine that they may not want ProOnGo to automatically change the Payee, so you can adjust the setting to your liking.

No Discrepancies between your Expense Tracker and your Credit Card Register

If ever you make any changes inside your credit card register, the change will instantly pass down to the credit card user’s ProOnGo expense list, and vice versa; any changes made in ProOnGo will reflect in the credit card register.

Some of our competitors only do one way sync, meaning only one piece of the transaction (the credit card register or the expense list) will update. This can be extremely dangerous because if both systems are used regularly, any changes that aren’t propagated to both sides (the credit card register and the expense list) will result in serious discrepancies that will inevitably force you to audit yourself.

How to Get Started

This feature is available for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Sign in with your Intuit ID at, complete the QuickBooks-ProOnGo connection wizard, then assign a credit card to a user under Settings->QuickBooks.

Email Us Your Receipts

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

You already know about ProOnGo’s receipt reading feature for our mobile app, but did you know it works for receipts that you email to us? You can submit any .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .pdf file via email to your ProOnGo Expense account. Got an e-receipt? Forward that to us, too!

First, you’ll have to obtain your secret email from the web portal. First, log in to – make sure that you’re using the same information that’s on the ‘My Profile’ page in the Options tab of the mobile app. Then, click the ‘Settings’ tab, and from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen select ‘Other.’ You’ll see your secret email address at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have your secret email, you can forward receipts to ProOnGo. We support .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .pdf attachments, and also html email addresses. We’ll even convert html emails into image files so that you have record of the purchase attached to the expense. Plus, that image will show up on your ProOnGo expense reports!

Here’s a tip: If you’re emailing more than one image, use “Multiple” as the Subject.

ProOnGo makes filing expenses even easier with by letting you email in receipts! Just shoot us an email and watch as your expenses are created in the app!

Split Expenses

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Let’s say you’re on a business trip, and you’re staying at the Marriott. You’ve stayed for two nights, and had a couple meals at the hotel restaurant. Your company requires that your expense report contain some differentiation between the hotel cost and the cost of meals. However, you only get one bill from the hotel!

Don’t bother with making two separate expenses – just use ProOnGo to split expenses!

Here’s how:

First, create an expense using our Receipt Reader! The merchant name, date, and total amount will all be filled out for you.

Then, scroll down to the “Split Amount” field – make sure you tap ‘Enable.’ You’ll see an item with the total amount of the expense.

How to split expenses

Tap “New Item” to edit the item. You can change the name of the item, the amount, and categorize!

To add the next part of the expense, tap the + button. Follow the same steps as before, then go back to see your expense split up into two items!

You can split up the expense as many times as you like. Splitting Expenses is just one more convenient feature from ProOnGo Expense!

Discrepancy Dangers: Why You Should Only Use A System With Two-Way Sync

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

With the development and subsequent launch of Web Portal and mobile application for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android, we’ve learned a whole lot about expense-tracking and the specific requirements needed to keep an accurate set of books.  However, even to this day, we see other expense-tracking systems exhibiting a fatal flaw; they don’t do two-way sync!

What is Two-Way Sync?

Two-way sync gives us the ability to read/write information on both sides of the aisle, so to speak — any changes made on the the mobile will reflect on the Web and vice versa. When a solution has one-way sync, it is only able to send information in one direction. This means that you can add expenses on your mobile, but you can’t view any past expenses or make changes to them. This seems like such an obvious feature to have in your expense-system, but most solutions do not have this capabiliy.

What’s Wrong With One-Way Sync?

The problem that one-way sync systems will come across is that if you happen to make any corrections to your expenses inside your expense system, those changes will never propagate out to the mobile application. When this happens you embark on a dangerous journey; keeping two sets of books that don’t match. Which one is real? Isn’t that a fun game you want to play?

ProOnGo Here to the Rescue

By now you’re probably feeling like Lois Lane falling from a skyscraper. Have no fear, ProOnGo is here!  You didn’t think we’d just tell you this problem and leave you hanging (or falling), did you?

We made sure to implement two-way sync when we developed our Web Portal coupled with our mobile application, so that any changes you make to expenses on the mobile devices or Web Portal will update on all of your devices/systems.

Use Your BlackBerry Call Log to Create an Expense

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Did you know that you can use your BlackBerry call log to create a time expense in ProOnGo? It’s one of many ways ProOnGo saves you time. The steps are simple; first, just open your call log on your BlackBerry. Then find the call you want to expense. Press the BlackBerry menu button, then scroll up to the words “Import To ProOnGo Time Expense.”

After you select that, ProOnGo will launch you will be prompted to edit the expense. You can change the name, assign categories, and change the rate at which you charge for the call.

When you’re done, select “Save & Close” and continue to go about your day unhindered by expense reports. This is just one of the time tracking capabilities offered by ProOnGo!



Approve Employee Expenses From Your Smart Phone

Monday, March 26th, 2012

We now allow expense managers to View and Approve employee expenses from any device! Now managers are able to finish approving their team’s expenses from anywhere they are. This feature is called Mobile Expense Approval, and currently, ProOnGo is the only expense-tracking solution that offers this type of a benefit.

How it works is employees record their expenses either using their mobile device or by logging into the ProOnGo Web Portal at Then, after the expenses are entered, utilizing ProOnGo’s Tw0-Way Sync, the expenses are simultaneously updated on all of the employee’s devices as well as the manager’s devices.

The manager can then either view his entire team’s expenses or focus on a single employee’s expenses, view the receipts, make any changes to the details of the receipt including relabeling the expense, then Approve or Deny the expense.

Take a look at the video that demonstrates our mobile expense approval over three devices; iPad, Android and BlackBerry.