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QuickBooks Mobile Apps – Post 4 of 5 – “Add Contacts”

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Some of our first early adopters for ProOnGo Expense back in 2009 were salespeople. Although they called from all kinds of industries and from all over the globe, there was a common theme behind their stories. As I write this blog post, I’m particularly thinking of one of our most dedicated early users (I’ll call her Jen). Jen’s story, though, is the story of dozens or maybe hundreds of others.

The day Jen first called us, was the day that her company’s owner had told her that her last business trip had expenses a little over the norm, and that he had put together an Excel template that she needed fill out for all future expenses (to turn in alongside her receipts originals). Jen didn’t mind documenting her expenses, but it occurred to her that every minute she wasn’t out “selling”, was a minute that she wasn’t generating value for the company. And that bothered her. We set up Jen’s custom Excel format as a just-for-her export option in ProOnGo Expense, and later we helped her get a ProOnGo<=>QuickBooks connection up and running (and at that point the spreadsheet became a moot point). Having solved the problem at hand, we asked her (maybe biting off more than we could chew at that point), “if this is just cutting down on your overhead time, what can we do to really help you create new value?”

The answer was simple. Create a sister product to ProOnGo Expense: create a new product/service for scanning business cards via mobile app, and have them automatically added to QuickBooks Customer Center. See, to salespeople like Jen, business cards are prospects, and she’s very, very good at turning them into customers. Their onboarding process for new customers runs through QuickBooks, because the first invoice is a pre-payment for an initial product shipment. Thus, time lag between getting a new customer commitment, to sending the initial invoice, is all just “time lost” in terms of generating cash flows. On a good day, like at a trade show (especially if it happened to be in the final few days of the month), the dollar figure could be a lot more than a rounding error on the company’s monthly financials.

So, Jen asked if we had anything for scanning business cards via mobile app, and automatically adding the contact to Customer Center in QuickBooks. At the time the answer was “no, we don’t have that”. But, today that “no” turns into a “yes”:

Scan Business Cards into QuickBooks Customer Center

Scan Business Cards into QuickBooks Customer Center

As usual, this app is compatible with just about every flavor of QuickBooks: QuickBooks Pro, Online, Enterprise, and Premier. Check it out on iTunes App Store. The first 15 days is “on us”, and after that you can pay-as-you-go.

QuickBooks Mobile Apps for Road Warriors

Friday, May 11th, 2012

If you found this blog, there is a good chance that you are both a QuickBooks user and a road warrior.  After all, most of our posts here are about ProOnGo Expense, our solution for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Online, and Enterprise users who need to track receipts, mileage, and/or time. We’ve been honored to be able to help you from the moment that you incur these expenses — to the moment that a CPA or ProAdvisor is reviewing quarterly financial reports in QuickBooks! And, you’ve been an endless source of inspiration for improving our QuickBooks compatibility.

You Asked for More

If there is one thing we’ve learned from serving you QuickBooks road warriors for the past four years, it’s that you are thirsty for more mobile apps that give you easy access to a broad range of QuickBooks scenarios, not “just” for your expense tracking needs. We hear it from you directly just about every day — by email, by phone, on Twitter, on Facebook. We hear you loud and clear: you like our Expense app, but you want more, high-quality, QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps of all kinds.

Mobile Apps on Intuit App Center

There is plenty of room for an ecosystem of QuickBooks-savvy mobile app developers to create all kinds of delightful QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps. And month after month, we keep seeing new QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps arrive on Intuit App Center (that’s the place to find apps that integrate with Intuit’s cloud-based platform). I’m sure there is also a growing list of mobile apps that integrate via IIF files or the old QuickBooks SDK, but we shy away from recommending those, for reasons beyond the scope of this post. At the time of this post, there are 15 QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps listed on Intuit App Center, compared to just a scant few a year ago.

So, the ecosystem is growing, and that means more options for you. And that’s a good thing.

But it’s Not Growing Fast Enough

The pace of your thirst for new QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps vastly outruns the pace at which we are seeing good new QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps arrive on Intuit App Center. And we just can’t let that happen.

Over the years we’ve developed a dazzling array of libraries that we use internally to make it easy to build QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps, and it seemed like a shame to only use those for our ProOnGo Expense app. We finally decided that we just must help you get more access to QuickBooks scenarios while you are on-the-go, even if it means going a little beyond our normal domain of expense reporting.

Here’s How It Works

We picked five of the most popular requests that we’ve received for QuickBooks apps. We picked simple ones, and we prioritized based on which requests we’ve heard the most. These apps are a lot more like a butter knife than a swiss army knife: they are each built around one specific scenario, they are good at that one scenario, and they don’t have 73 additional features cluttering the UI.

Here are the five scenarios we’re going after:

  • …being able to snap a picture of an invoice from your smartphone, and have a new Vendor Bill created in QuickBooks
  • …being able to snap a picture of business cards from your smartphone, and have a new customer created in QuickBooks
  • …being able to view your employees’ time activities from your smartphone
  • …being able to view your QuickBooks credit card registers from your smartphone
  • …being able to set up push notifications for low balances, high A/P, or low A/R.

These five scenario-based apps go live on iTunes App Store over the course of the next five days, one app per day. Hover over the calendar days below, to see when your favorite scenario goes live!