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Adding Time Activities to a QuickBooks Customer Invoice

June 19th, 2013

Your time activities, if you bill by the hour, should be guarded as if they are money. After all, they are the lifeblood of your revenue stream. So, if you’ve filed time activities in ProOnGo, you might be wondering about the fastest path to get those into an invoice and out to the client.

This post will show you the journey of your time activities from ProOnGo to QuickBooks, then into a Vendor Bill in QuickBooks, so that you are fast on the trail to driving up revenue.

Time Activities – Timesheets or One-by-One

The first step is to file a timesheet or one or more individual time activities. If you are filing five or more activities per week, we bet you’ll gravitate towards the timesheet approach. If you are filing fewer than five time activities per week, we speculate that you’ll choose to file them one-by-one. Here’s where those two tabs live in the web app:

Time in ProOnGo
Time in ProOnGo

Time Activities – Approve + Send to QuickBooks

If you are a sole proprietor, you probably have all of our auto-approval settings turned on, saving you from having to approve your own time activities, which sounds like the premise for some kind of bad screenplay about a split personality.

If you are not a sole proprietor — if you are a member of a larger team — you and your employees are probably going through our more traditional Draft => Submit => Approve workflow. So, if you are a manager working in that situation, you’ll find yourself going in to ProOnGo to approve timesheets and/or individual time activities, and then sending to QuickBooks (maybe right away, or maybe weekly or monthly):

Time Activities - Send to QuickBooks
Time Activities – Send to QuickBooks

Time Activities – Sending to QuickBooks

When you send your time activities to QuickBooks, perhaps you are in a rush to get an invoice out to one of your clients, containing your billable time. No problem, that’ll happen momentarily. But first, lets start with the more fundamental concept: you are sending time activities from ProOnGo, so they land as time activities in QuickBooks. Your time activities might contain a mix of hours that are billable or not billable, that have various customers and jobs attached to them, and perhaps even different service items or classes. And that’s fine.

That’s why the time activities that you send from ProOnGo, first land simply as time activities in QuickBooks, for example:

Time Activities - In QuickBooks
Time Activities – In QuickBooks

But, you should still feel empowered to rush out that invoice to your client. Why? Because the moment that you go to create that new invoice, QuickBooks will proactively ask you if you want to add the unbilled time activities for that customer, to the invoice. We thank whoever at Intuit first added this feature, it’s a huge timesaver:

Time Activities - In QuickBooks
Time Activities – In QuickBooks

The “End Game”

Even after you’ve taken your time activities through this whole sequence, they still continue to exist in QuickBooks (and in ProOnGo) as time activities. That way if you ever need to run a report to summarize or scrutinize your time activities for some past financial reporting period, you can easily do so.

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