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How do I change my username/email?

I am not a subscriber and I don’t want to use ProOnGo any more. Will you charge me?

How do I cancel my account?

I forgot to cancel my account, and now you’re charging me. Can I get a refund?

I got a new phone and downloaded ProOnGo, but my expenses are missing!

How do I update to the newest version of ProOnGo?

I’ve already subscribed, but I keep getting nags to pay again. What gives?

How do I sync to Quickbooks?

I’m synced to QB, and I sent my expenses over - where are they in QuickBooks?

I forgot my password…

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ProOnGo Blog

March 4, 2015

In September 2013 we reached out to tell you about our move to become a part of The Neat Company, the company that many of you have come to know as the worldwide leader in capturing, organizing, and taking action on receipts. Today we have an important update about our work to integrate ProOnGo Expense Read More >>

August 24, 2013

Power users and expense report gurus, by now you know that we’re on your side. In the past year, you’ve challenged us in ways that keep us on our toes, especially you QuickBooks ProAdvisors who bring us questions on behalf of your most sophisticated clients. As your wish lists keep coming in, we’ve made a change to where we put our advanced options in our expense editor. Read on to learn more. Read More >>

When we introduced our QuickBooks compatibility a few years ago, we started with a deep focus on the data flows between ProOnGo and QuickBooks. Nothing is more important to us than the sanctity of your accounting data, and that meant taking a microscope with us as we focused on every field and entity that flows between ProOnGo and QuickBooks. But now that our data flows have a long track record of reliability, we’re smoothing out the rough edges on our original UI. Read on to learn more. Read More >>

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