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Automate Your Expense Receipts

ProOnGo’s Receipt Reader automatically extracts the merchant, date and total amount from your expense receipts to create a new expense and will match up with your credit card transactions.

Match Receipts to Credit Card Transactions

Download the ProOnGo Expense App for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry and you can take pictures of your receipts using the mobile application and we’ll match up your receipt images with the credit cards you set up in ProOnGo.

You can also upload receipt images you would like ProOnGo to auto-match with your credit card transactions via the ProOnGo Web Portal ( Just select ‘Add New’ and choose ‘Credit Card Receipts’ then make sure ‘Auto-Match Gallery to Transactions’ is checked.

Email-In Receipts

Do you receive receipts in your inbox? Just forward your eReceipts to your ProOnGo Receipt Email, and the Receipt Reader will automatically extract the vendor, date and total amount to create your expense, as well as create an image out of the email.

You can also utilize the ProOnGo Receipt Email to upload your receipts in bulk. Just attach as many receipt images as your email program can handle, put in the subject line 'multiple' and send it off to your ProOnGo Receipt Email and each receipt will turn into its own Out of Pocket expense with the vendor, date and total amount automatically extracted.

Find your Credit Card email address here.
Find your Cash email address here.

Cash Receipt Expenses

If you have some cash expenses you would like to record, you can use the Receipt Reader service, only ProOnGo just won’t match up the image with a credit card transaction. Instead, ProOnGo will extract the Merchant, Date, and Total Amount of the expense to create a new Out of Pocket expense.

To add a cash receipt, either email the receipt to your Cash email adress, or you can can create a new expense from the WEb or Mobile and select ‘Attach & Transcribe.’ You will then find the receipt in the Out of Pocket Expenses subtab.

Your Phone as a Receipt Scanner

ProOnGo Expense is available for Android, iPhone/iPad, and Blackberry, so you can turn your smartphone into a receipt scanner!

Download the mobile application from your phone’s store, and you’ll be able to match receipts up with credit card transactions as well as add cash expenses to your expense list just by taking pictures of your receipts.