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Expense Reports
Small Business
ProOnGo allows you and your team to record receipts, mileage and time, create expense reports in your own format and sync with your accounting system.
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Works With
Expense Tracking
  • Credit Card Expenses
    ProOnGo syncs with over 18,000 banking institutions to easily download and auto-categorize your expenses.
  • Capture Receipts
    Capture receipts and upload to ProOnGo and your receipts will auto-match with your credit card transactions.
  • Record Mileage
    Record your mileage via addresses or enter in odometer readings from your mobile or from
  • Enter Time
    Record individual time activities or login to to fill out a timesheet.
Expense Reports
Use Your Expense Report Template
Easily create Excel expense reports from any device containing all of your expenses and receipt images, title the report and send to your manager.
If your company has a special type of expense report format, send it off to ProOnGo and we’ll integrate the report into the app, so every report you create will be perfectly compliant with your Accounts Payable department.
Accounting System Integration
Tight integration with your favorite accounting packages for your small business.
QuickBooks Expense Reports
With ProOnGo Expense, you label your expense transactions with all of the fields you need. As soon as you make a connection with ProOnGo from your QuickBooks file, ProOnGo will download your Chart of Accounts, enabling you to label your reimbursable expenses as well as your credit card expenses with the expense Account, Customer:Job, Class, Items, description, and mark whether or not the expense is billable. We support Time Activities, too!
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Xero Expense Reports
Record your expenses from wherever you are, Approve/Deny your employees’ expenses, then send the expenses over to Xero as an expense claim! Track your employees even further with the spy app by mSpy.
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